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Read Before You Buy.


Warning! It has come to our attention recently that there are several companies targeting consumers by selling 'nationwide' balloon ride gift certificates. These companies sell these nationwide certificates, telling you that redeeming them is simple and easy. It isn't. Some may be called 'discount'. They aren't. Others are sold on auction sites, with all the money supposedly going to charity.

That's not all! They pass themselves off as local ride companies, but really don't fly balloons in that state, don't have a local address (some don't even list an address on their website) and most don't even own a balloon port. Good luck finding an operation to honor your certificate. Beware! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

PLEASE make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company that has an address and phone number in the area in which you are looking to fly. Purchasing from a local company starts a relationship with a person in your area. By using this process, the person you buy the certificate from will most likely be the person doing the booking of your balloon ride and perhaps piloting the aircraft. Your concern should be their concern.

They are not a faceless persons behind a switchboard in some far away place processing your credit card with no concern if your certificate cannot be redeemed in your area. Be especially careful if the person wants to get your credit card number before they are willing to provide details about the company with whom you will fly.  As a precaution, ask to speak with the owner/pilot and get the local phone number of the ride operator. Above all, make a choice that is right for you. Hot Air Balloon Rides are not inexpensive, but the experience and memories are priceless. They are the experience of a lifetime. Make it a dream come true for yourself or the one for whom you purchased the gift certificate.

The companies listed in the directories listed below DO NOT ACCEPT NATIONAL CERTIFICATED. The ride you buy will be honored by the same company. There is no bogus markup or hidden charges, such as equipment rentals or for a ride back to your car. There you will find companies listed by State, County and Name, alphabetically. Call or e-mail the ones in the area you are interested in. Make an educated and safe decision and support your local business instead of someone, somewhere, whose relationship with you begins and ends with taking your money. For obvious reasons, we cannot endorse any company listed in this website. We just want to assist you in making an educated decision. We also hope that your ballooning experience
 is one you will remember fondly.

Local Hot Air Ballooning Companies & Local Skydiving Companies:




For more information on National Balloon Ride Certificate Companies scams , please read:

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