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Very few people can ignore the sight of a 10-story high hot air balloon!

Hot air balloons create an immediate and lasting impression that conventional advertising methods often lack. They bring smiles to the faces of potential buyers, and cause people to stop and look whenever they are inflated. And more importantly, these extremely successful colorful billboards are a very cost effective means of advertising your products or services.

Our Georgia Flower Garden hot air balloon offers an upbeat and interesting promotional tool to call attention to your company. We can design a colorful banner which will display your logo and message to the public while the balloon is tethered or floating through the air.

Stay ahead of your competition. Let us at Balloon Safaris International show you how we can design and implement a program to promote your business.

Corporate Balloon Programs

The uses for a corporate balloon are nearly unlimited. A corporate balloon can be an excellent addition to existing marketing efforts, and will set your company apart from your competition.

Flying your banner at special events.

A hot air balloon can make impact appearances at your location or at special events. By creating or choosing an event that attracts a demographic match, you can achieve major exposure since the balloon will stand out from the activities the buyers are expecting to see. In addition, giveaways create goodwill and can include photos, stickers, tee shirts, caps or balloon pins. These items can be carried by the balloon team to be distributed to the public.

Tethering or flying your banner at ballooning events.

More than six million spectators annually attend hundreds of balloon events nationwide, more than any other outdoor summer activity, including baseball games and car races. In addition to promotional impact to the spectators attending ballooning events, the balloon carries your message over the surrounding populace. This gigantic, colorful, living, moving billboard increases the exposure to potentially millions more, creating an additional marketing audience.

Offering Incentives.

Many companies report that offering rides in a corporate balloon to key prospects and customers can be very good business. Companies have closed major sales as a direct result of these rides, simply because the buyers were shown the attention. Anyone can buy a client's dinner, but a balloon ride is a unique incentive!

Creating a hot air shape.

Balloons can be built in any shape. Companies such as Wells Fargo Bank, Jack Daniels, Naturally Fresh, and Hooters utilize hot air balloons to promote their business. Thanks to computer-generated patterns, shapes are much more affordable now. The shape balloon is always the crowd pleaser at any ballooning event.

Why Balloon Safaris International?

Our company provides professional management and operations support, allowing you to get involved as little or as much as you want. We understand that the coverage the balloon receives is of primary importance, so we work closely with your marketing department or PR firm to design a program that is just right for your company. We also work with them to contact the media by providing press kits, rides and interviews whenever possible, Our work with the media often results in many inches of prime coverage in newspapers, often accompanied by full color photos, as well as local coverage on television and radio. Corporate ballooning requires an outstanding pilot to insure the success of the program. The pilot must be able to work well with people, work under pressure, and needs to recognize opportunities as they present themselves. Our chief pilot, Robert Willbanks, has over 25 years of experience in flying balloons and has worked with numerous corporations to create and implement a corporate ballooning program.


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