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We love our work, because we love hot air balloons. That's why we built our business around everything ballooning. Whether we are giving a first-time hot air balloon ride, or reconstructing a hot air balloon or planning a ballooning festival, we at Balloon Safaris International are a full-service hot air balloon company with the training and credentials to meet the top quality flight and safety standards in the industry. That's how we became Georgia's oldest balloon company. Robert Willbanks, our chief pilot, has nearly 30 years of ballooning experience.Balloon Printing

A hot air balloon ride is perfect for a birthday gift or an engagement flight, complete with a champagne* celebration. 

Your lift ticket to adventure.

Call 877-BALLOON (877-225-5666) for information.

The Balloonists Prayer

The following prayer is the traditional Balloonists Prayer, originally spoken before balloon ascensions - now recited as a toast at the conclusion of balloon flights.

The winds have welcomed you with softness, The sun has blessed you with his warm hands. You have flown so high and so free, that God has joined you in laughter, And set you gently again, into the loving arms of mother earth.

* or beverage of choice.


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